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The web site showing  a collection of original, beautiful tatted doilies and   artworks.

Lotion Lady     Quality, all natural handmade skin care including soap, lotion, cream, body oils and more. 
Einige Fotos der vom 14.-15.Juni 2003 veranstalteten "Internationalen Occhi-Ausstellung" in Horstmar.
MORE   LINKS (Tatting Artworks)
Some photos taken at the International Tatting Exibition in Horstmar (Germany) - June 14th- 15th 2003
Larger image at  SHOWCASE page
Little girl's dress collar.
See it at
e-Book on CD
New Tatting book: Tatting Fantasia 2
New Tatting Book: Iris
e-Book with 12 original patterns with PRINTABLE  photos, diagrams and instructions
Tatting - Fantasia 2 - Tatting book
IRIS -  Tatting book
11.352- 05.07.05
18.085- 13-12-06
30.220- 14-06-08
a complete lacemaker to lacemaker service

Find lots of patterns at

Butterfly - free pattern .
Tatting Books and e-Book CD are now easier available for Japanese and Far-East tatters at: Echizenya, Tokyo-To, Chuo-Ku,Kyobashi 1-1-6 104-0031 Japan
Tel. 03-3271-4474 Fax. 03-3271-4476
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Free Pattern download page.
You're looking at some of  36 pages of my new book "Just for Fun" with  15 original patterns and easy, detailled tatting instrucions . Send an e-mail to know pricing and the way to get it.

Learn how to tat the necklaces and the earrings shown in the new book "Just for Fun"

Working with metallic wire and beads.
"Fantasia 4" is my new book, 40 pages  cm 21 x cm 21) with a lot of little motifs, wihich  can be joined together to make doilies and decorations, edgings, bookmarks, trimming for garments and much more